7 Hard Truths About Hawaiian Names Girl and How to Face Them


“Hawaiian names girl” is a term that describes the life of a woman who has been burdened with an overly feminine, complicated name.

It’s hard enough to be born female in this world. Why make it even harder? Here are 7 hard facts about Hawaiian names girl and how you can face them head on:

1) You will have trouble finding clothes for your birthday parties because most girls’ clothing stores don’t carry Hawaiian-themed outfits.

2) When people hear your name, they’ll ask if you’re from Hawaii before anything else because there’s usually only one or two other people in the room with such a unique name (and they’ll probably be named Anne).

3) Friends will get your name wrong all the time, and you’ll have to correct them.

It’s not that hard! The “I” is pronounced like an -ee sound (like in see). It sounds like this: ann-yuh

Take care of yourself and remember these points when filling out forms or signing up for clubs at school. Don’t let a Hawaiian names girl stand in your way from being who you want to be!

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